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We are incredibly blessed with some wonderful people who serve as our "behind the scenes" leaders at Monterey Bay Christian Center. We are grateful for their prayers and support!



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    Elected 2023

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  • Jennifer jacobs - office manager

    JenniferJ@mbccag.org | 831.899.4124 x700

    Jennifer re-joined the church staff in April 2016 as our office administrator.  She and James have been married since September 1975, and have a daughter and son (-in-law), Michelle (Chelle) and Ramon Panis.  

  • jessica boyce - school principal

    msboyce@mbcsonline.org | 831.899.2060 x703

    Jessica has joined the leadership at Monterey Bay Christian School as our Principal.   

d e p a r t m e n t   l e a d e r s

  • Becky Cook - WORSHIP leader

    worship@mbccag.org | 831.899.4124 x0

    Becky is a wonderful addition to our church leadership team and we are grateful for her service. Becky oversees the worship ministry at MBCC.  She is married to our Youth Director, Jimmy.

  • xenia cromer - Women's Ministry & events Coordinator

    xeniac@mbccag.org | 831.899.4124, x0

    Xenia serves as our Women's Ministry and Events Coordinator.  She has a wonderful team of ladies, who help plan WM gatherings and church-wide events here at MBCC.  She also serves on our worship team.  We are very grateful for her dedication! Xenia is married to Shane and they have two children.

  • Nico alvarez - yOUNG ADULTS

    youngadults@mbccag.org | 831.899.4124 x0

    Nico has been attending MBCC since May 2020 and is serving as our Young Adults Leader.  He has a Pastoral Ministry Degree from Northwest University, along with a heart for young people in our community, providing them with a safe place to grow, fellowship and serve. Our Monterey Bay Young Adults group is for adults ages 18 & over. 

  • Jimmy Cook, jr. - missions committee director

    missions@mbccag.org | 831.899.4124 x0

    Jimmy leads our Missions Committee, with hearts full of love and prayers for the missionaries we support all over the world.  With the help of the team, we enjoy our annual Missions Emphasis Month along with monthly Missionary highlights.  

  • fred menezes - prayer director

    prayer@mbccag.org | 831.899.4124 x0

    Fred and his wife, Lilly, have been attending MBCC for many years.  Fred serves as our Prayer Director, having a heart for our prayer ministry and reaching new believers. 

  • DAVE SCHMIDT - Men's Ministry

    men@mbccag.org | 831.899.4124 x0

    Dave and his wife, Kelly, have been attending MBCC for several years.  Besides leading our Men's Ministry, Dave serves on our Church Board and leads the Monday Night Men's Bible Study.  

  • ALICE PAIGE - kingdom SAINTS

    kingdomsaints@mbccag.org | 831.899.4124 x0

    Seasoned Saints are gathering again, thanks to Alice, who serves this wonderful group of seniors.  They get together every 1st and 3rd Thursday at 10am.   

  • Jimmy Cook, jr. - Youth Director

    youth@mbccag.org | 831.899.4124 x0

    Jimmy heads up a great team of Youth leaders.  Kingdom Youth meet every Wednesday night at 6:30pm. They also participate in Youth camps, Youth Conventions and other activities locally and district-wide.  

  • jana Brewer - Sunday Kids Church Leader

    kingdomkidz@mbccag.org | 831.899.4124 x0

    Kingdom Kidz meet every Sunday morning at 10:00.  We have nursery, preschool and elementary age groups.  We have a great team, led by our own Jana Brewer.     

  • Candy Thomas - sunday school director

    sundayschool@mbccag.org | 831.899.4124 x0

    We have a few Sunday School classes that meet every Sunday morning at 9:00.  Currently these are adult and teen classes, so join us early, just before our Sunday Service for a time to study together.