We have a great group of people who serve as our pastors and leaders.

Read below to learn more about them or click a link to send them an email!

  • Edgar & rosa ogarrio - INTERIM pastors

    Edgaro@mbccag.org | 831.899.4124.x711

    Pastor Edgar & Rosa officially joined the MBCC family in May, 2020, though they have been connected to the church since early 2019. Having served as associate pastors of Vida Camino Verdad for several years, they bring huge hearts for ministry to our church. We are blessed to have them and their two children.

  • Jen Gunter - Associate Pastor

    JenG@mbccag.org | 831.899.4124 x702

    Pastor Jen joined the MBCC staff in August 2018. She previously served as a children's pastor in the Sacramento area. She oversees our WonderKids children and 831 Youth Ministries. Jen loves people and is a wonderful addition to our team!

s t a f f


    Jesseg@mbccag.org | 831.899.4124 x703

    Jesse joined our staff in November, 2018. He is an amazing young man who leads our young adults ministry while managing our facilities well. He is newly married to Candee and we are grateful to have them both on our team!

  • Jennifer jacobs - office manager

    JenniferJ@mbccag.org | 831.899.4124 x700

    Jennifer re-joined the church staff in April 2016 as our office administrator.  She and James have been married since September 1975, and have a daughter and son (-in-law), Michelle (Chelle) and Ramon Panis.  

  • isai ogarrio - worship director

    isaio@mbccag.org | 831.899.4124

    Isai is a wonderful addition to our church leadership team and we are grateful for his service. Isai oversees the worship ministry at MBCC. He is the son of a pastor and is also the brother of Pastor Edgar.

  • Jacob voyce - school principal

    mrvoyce@mbcsonline.org | 831.899.2060‬

    Jacob Voyce has a long history in school ministry. He holds a masters degree in school administration. He joined our staff in June 2017. We are very blessed to have Jacob lead our Christian school. He is married to Carrie, and they have two children who attend MBCS.

d e p a r t m e n t   l e a d e r s

  • xenia cromer - preschool

    preschool@mbccag.org | 831.899.4124

    Xenia serves as part of our Children's Ministry leadership team and  directs our Sunday morning preschool class. We are very grateful for her dedication! Xenia is married to Shane and they have two children.

  • jody rodriguez - women's ministry

    jodyr@mbccag.org | 831.899.4124

    Jody has attended MBCC since 2016 and has volunteered in ministry for several years. Currently, she serves as not only our women's ministry leader, but also the director of women's ministry for our Coast Counties Section of the Assemblies of God. We are blessed to have Jody, her husband, Ricardo and their son Sebastian at MBCC!

  • kristie hernandez, social media creator

    kristieh@mbcc.org | 831.899.4124

    Kristie has been a part of MBCC since 2013 is currently serving as our Social Media Creator.  She also serves on the worship team and helps wherever needed.  She is married to her husband Tony and they have three children.

c h u r c  h  b o a r d

We are incredibly blessed with some wonderful people who serve as our "behind the scenes" leaders at Monterey Bay Christian Center. We are grateful for their prayers and support!

  • Jimmy cook


    Re-Elected 2018

  • dany custodio


    Appointed 2020

  • James Jacobs

    Vice-Chairman & TREASURER

    Re-elected 2020

  • David Schmidt


    Elected 2018